Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Haul | Summer Holidays

Its summer and everyone is jetting off to different countries, I myself am one of those people dying to get a bit of sun and really just a change in scenery? Its just a little family holiday to Spain, I haven't been away with them in a few years so it should be fun!
 Just last week I did some of my holiday shopping and bought a few nice summery outfits. I wanted to get clothes that are nice enough to even wear at home, I didn't see the point in buying cheap clothing that you settle for just because its for your holidays. In saying that I really didn't break the bank either. I am really happy with some of the pieces I bought so Lauren and I did a collection of photos to show you these summer outfits.

I bought this dress in new look. Its a light denim-like material that is perfect daytime look. I have styled it with this gorgeous sheer white kimono, which was also bought in new look. It really brightens up this look

This colourful statement necklace is from new look. Its perfect for this light outfit, it gives it a hint of bold colours.

This daisy dress is from Newlook. Its perfect for daytime, its a simple little outfit that is really pretty.


This bold cobalt blue playsuit is perfect for holidays. Its light and quite plan for daytime and here I have used a bright coloured necklace to give it more colour. Both pieces are from Pennys.

I personally love this little outfit, its bright and summery with hints of colour in the necklace. The pale denim skirt is a real must this summer, they go with everything! This is a white lace crop-top that hangs really nicely it could also be worn with high-waisted shorts or a bolder skirt. Both are from Newlook.

This is another way of styling this skirt is with a longer top tucked in. I have use this coloured floral top to brighten up this simple skirt. Top also from Newlook.

This floral maxi is perfect for holidays. I actually bought this last year but this year Newlook has some the same shape with different colours and patterns. It is a very light material with a delicate print its great for people who don't like to much pattern.

This outfit is quite bold, the bright colours really work well together. These are both from Topshop I did buy them a few weeks ago but I think the bright colours are great for holiday wear.

These skater skirts are very versatile they go well with everything. I love the shape the waistline is very flattering and is perfect for crop-tops like this one. It is also from Topshop, it is again very bright with a colourful floral print.

This bright dress is great for a night out on holiday. It has a nice shape to it and has a beautiful back detail. Everyone needs one white dress in there wardrobe especially coming up to summer! 


This is a light tye-dyed playsuit that is great for the daytime especially in the hot weather. It is from Miss Selfridge. Its a gorgeous colour and the shape is great especially if you don't want tan lines! 

This Newlook playsuit is perfect for lounging by the pool or for the beach. It's floral print is bold and colourful, and it's simple shape is casual with again no tan lines..

So we really had fun doing these photos but not all of them worked out the best so here's a few bloopers..
Enjoy ! 


OOTD | Summer Nights

Seems like I am doing quite a few of this style posts recently. I enjoy writing them and showing you guys what we are wearing! 
So we had a little night out just to mark the first night 'officially' of summer time. Anna only finished college this week so we thought it was a good idea to have a little night out for that, plus a couple of our friends are off on holidays now soon so it seemed like the perfect idea to all go on a night out together before we parted ways, even if it is only for a week or two! Any excuse was welcome really..

So even though it is summer, and we seem to do nothing but talk about colour and how much we love colour we both wore quite 'colourless' outfits for our first summer night out! 

High Neck Top - Primark
Monochrome Skirt - River Island

Lace Top - Topshop
Denim Skirt - New Look
Leopard Blazer - River Island

Skater skirts are a really great thing to have in your wardrobe! They are so versatile and easy for anyone to pull off. They can really be worn at night time or during the day, even with tights. We both find the style quite flattering and love to mix and match them for different days/nights out.
Seeing as we did go quite muted with colours, we both added a pop using lipsticks!

Anna wore Maybelline 'Neon Red' and I wore Mac 'Up the Amp'

I love nights out in summer, it is so easy to be experimental with lipsticks, clothes, shoes etc. You never really have to worry too much about colours. Even if you feel you don't have enough colour it is so simple to add little splashes of colour somewhere.

DonnaNicola, Anna, Lauren

Overall, we had a really enjoyable night out together and it was a really great start to the summer months. 


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Winging It West

Once again we have been exploring our little county ! This time Lauren and I plus our fello bloggers Nicola and Donna travelled west to Donegal Town to see Donegal castle. It was a totally spontaneous we just wanted to take advantage of the sunny weather ( its raining here now so thank god we did). It is about 20mins away and is located right in the centre of the town so it was quite easy to get too. It is usually two euro to get into but it was free the day we visited, just luck I guess ? 
We took quite a few photos of our little day so enjoy!

Outside of the castle, kitchen entrance.


view of the chapel 

Just one of the tapestry's found throughout the castle

high ceilings with beautiful wooden beams  

grand fire place in the main hall


Overall it was a really good day, Donegal Town is actually a really nice town to visit on days like this. They have loads of those little nic-nac shops which we love looking around. We each came home with our own little something from the day. It was such an inexpensive day out, we literally just wandered the town, even sitting down by the water for a while. We would definitely recommend for anyone visiting to spend a day, just looking around having an overall really chilled day out. 


Here is a few more silly photos just for fun !

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Another little outfit of the day for you. Weather has been so good recently (as I have probably mentioned quite a bit) so I have been trying to take complete advantage and wear as much colour and summery clothes as I could for this brief period! 

Trousers - Boohoo.com
Baggy shirt - Primark

I bought these trousers a while back online. I fell in love with them online but when they arrived they were a lot brighter than they had looked on the website, which at the time, I wasn't very happy about. But me being me, I left it too long to return them, however I am so glad I didn't! I really love them now, I felt so summery in this outfit and really loved it.
I wore this outfit to a BBQ and it was perfect because, it was a lot cooler in the evening time so I was still quite summery but managed to keep warm outside! I really love the print of these trousers and the whole bagginess of them. The mixture of colours, leave them really easy to mix and match with different items. I chose to wear these with a bright orange top as that is a colour I am really loving at the minute but they would also be nice with a plain white shirt to sort of tone it down a little bit. 

As the whole outfit was so bright and colour I didn't want to make it too much of an eyesore so I kept my hair and jewellery quite simple. I tied my hair up in just a messy ponytail and wore a simple 3 tiered necklace for Topshop. The blue ring I wore is also from Topshop as well as the spiked ring. The love heart ring, which I mentioned in my OOTD | Summers Here is from River Island. I wore my Maybelline 'Neon Red' lipstick as well, which is more of a deep orange colour and really liked it with the entire outfit.


A Little Taste of Summer | Update #1

So, as I have wrote about on here before, me Anna and some of our friends are trying our best to make the most of our summer at home. I won't go into too much detail on it again, but for anyone who has no idea what I am talking about, you can read my previous post on here A Little Taste of Summer to get you up to speed.
So this is just a little update on that plan letting you guys know how it is actually going. I have been taking a lot of snaps from any of our days out so this is going to be a very photo-friendly post!

I must say, I have actually been so proud of us which probably sounds a bit odd, but I really am haha! We have actually been doing really well, going on these little day trips and spending next to nothing!

So the first trip was a day out to Glenveagh National Park with my older brother. I haven't been here since I was really young, I barely remembered it so I really wanted to go back. I have been torturing everyone I know since about January so I was so glad to finally get to go! For anyone who doesn't know, it is a really old castle built in the 1800s but it has been modernized quite a bit with different people owning it, most recently was the 1970s. So it is quite recent on the inside, but still really interesting to walk around the gardens themselves are pretty unreal!

We took an actual tour of the castle, tour guide and the works, which I was slightly disappointed with. He showed us the guts of around 5 rooms and the tour took about 25 minutes with the first 10 minutes being an audio visual presentation. We weren't allowed to actually take photos inside the castle, I am not sure why but I did sneak a few to show you. They aren't great quality as I was trying to be as sneaky as I could with the camera!

(From top left) - Screen which was placed in dining room | Amazing wallpaper which was carried through the hallways throughout the entire castle | Painting by AE Russell | Book collection in library which has not been updated since 1930s | Mirror in the dining room | Curtains hanging in the Ensuite of the the master bedroom.

Overall I did really enjoy the day! I loved exploring the gardens and even reading about all the sections and seeing how the castle and gardens has developed over the years and became what it is today from each owner bringing their own ideas to life. Even to walk around the gardens (which is free) and not actually take the castle tour is really interesting in itself.

Just there on Sunday, the weather was pretty unbelievable so we thought it was the perfect day to take advantage and go to the beach. It was a really relaxed day, just sunbathing and walking along the ocean. I absolutely love the beach and love those really chilled days there. I didn't take a lot of photos, so heres just a few that I took.

My friend Nicola, who writes her own blog over on NicNacs

So overall, we have been really enjoying doing these little day trips. It doesn't have to be anything overly exciting or expensive to have a really enjoyable summer. We have been on a few more days out, but we decided to split this in two so Anna's going to write about some of our others days on here so keep an eye out for that